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Monica Max West, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Winner LSC Search For The Song * Runner Up Song Of The Year Contest * UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
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Patience, yearning, gratitude, bravery, partnership, love

Words and Music © Monica Max West

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Let Me In eue
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Semi-Finalist UK Songwriting Contest
Runner Up The Song Of The Year Contest

patiently waiting...

The Being Close And The Going Far eue
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almost love...but not quite

Typing emails after midnight, all about the moon and now
Resolutely not looking at the clock
You're going on at the keyboard
Trying not to waste time

You're watching the ripples here at home

You're not so keen on foreign travel, hate the packing and unpacking
But want to hear more about reading in bed
When I tell you we're not suited, you dream of sending me a postcard
From a corner of the earth you've never been

The being close and the going far (will I find my lover?)
How I wonder who you are (will I find my love?)
You like to be surprised - some sparks fly in the dark

I write a song about the rain, you spend long hours in the bath
While drunken pigeons scatter our words across town
Too many subjects
Hurtling down like friendly snowballs

You wanna stretch your arms out, not miss a thing

The semi-finals have begun; you're surprised that I'm still here
Might there be a chance after all
Can we keep up this momentum
Or will snowdrifts cut off our areas?

The being close and the going far


I Close My Eyes eue
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lin gratitude to all my teachers

Invisible eue
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for all those whose lives are partially hidden

Just because you'd take me for your wife
Doesn't erase those years of feeling foreign in
My gender, finally fixed by pills and knife
And just because I fit into size 10
Doesn't erase the torture of the bingeing and the
Purging - oh, I did it again

And just because I'm showing up at work
Doesn't erase the devastation of the
Moment I found lipstick on his shirt
And just because I'm grateful to be here
Doesn't erase the longing and the terror Iíve been
Feeling for my homeland all these years

And just because I wear his wedding band
Doesn't erase the 20 plus years that I
Gave my heart to my best friend - she was my lover
And just because my silicone looks real
Doesn't erase the memory of the breast that doctors
Cut to save my life, the ghost I feel

And just because you think Iím doing fine
Doesn't erase the voices in my head - so many
Voices drive me crazy all the time
And just because I'm wearing this silk dress
Doesn't erase the ink and the piercings under-
Neath, do you expect me to confess?


Row This Boat With Me eue
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Looking for real partnership in life...

I don't need somebody to buy me flowers
I don't need somebody to change my name 
I don't need somebody to protect me from dark showers
I don't need somebody - I won't play that game

But the river runs around us - I can see it flowing (oh)
Yeah, the river runs around us - I wonder where it's going (oh)

Will you row this boat with me? Climb on in and take the other oar
Will you row this boat with me? We'll make our way to yonder shore
Row this boat with me

I don't need somebody as a pretty distraction
I don't need somebody to cook meals and keep a home
I don't need somebody for my ego's satisfaction 
No parading mini-me's - I'd rather be alone

Marry me by the river...we don't need nothing else
Marry me by the river…you be you, I'll be myself
Marry me by the river...we're both looking so deep
Marry me by the river…we'll make love and drift to sleep

Will you row this boat with me? Climb on in and take the other oar
Will you row this boat with me? We'll make our way to yonder shore
Will you row this boat with me? Pull together in love and strength
Will you row this boat with me? We'll find our way to the other bank

Charlie (You Can Always Count On)
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commissioned to celebrate a wonderful young man


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