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Monica Max West, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Winner LSC Search For The Song * Runner Up Song Of The Year Contest * UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
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all song arranged and produced by Monica Max West
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Rain eue
written with thanks to Thich Nhat Hanh
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You do not speak in vain, you stop this runaway train
You do not speak in vain

I have so much left to learn
Any answers will take a lifetime to discern
I’m on fire: how I burn!
My mind has thousands of wheels and cogs – they start to turn

That’s why I reach for you, I reach for you
I return, return, return back home

And your words fall down like rain on this vast and thirsty plain
I drink them in again, oh, how I need the rain

This scorched and hardened land
A million things I can’t begin to understand
I'm building castles from dust and sand
While you cradle the entire universe in your hand

Even when the seeds lie dormant under ice and snow
Even when a storm brews up, and howling winds do blow
With the rain and sun and soil, flowers find a way to grow
I will reap what I sow, what I sow, what I sow
What I sow, what I sow, I will reap what I sow

Just one drop from this cloud, one drop you speak aloud
One drop from this water, Father, may I be your daughter

Invisible eue
for those whose lives are partially hidden
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Just because you'd take me for your wife
Doesn't erase those years of feeling foreign in
My gender, finally fixed by pills and knife
And just because I fit into size 10
Doesn't erase the torture of the bingeing and the
Purging - oh, I did it again

And just because I'm showing up at work
Doesn't erase the devastation of the
Moment I found lipstick on his shirt
And just because I'm grateful to be here
Doesn't erase the longing and the terror I’ve been
Feeling for my homeland all these years

And just because I wear his wedding band
Doesn't erase the 20 plus years that I
Gave my heart to my best friend - she was my lover
And just because my silicone looks real
Doesn't erase the memory of the breast that doctors
Cut to save my life, the ghost I feel

And just because you think I’m doing fine
Doesn't erase the voices in my head - so many
Voices drive me crazy all the time
And just because I'm wearing this silk dress
Doesn't erase the ink and the piercings under-
Neath, do you expect me to confess?

We Are All Kin (With Each Step) eue
kissing my Mother
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I Close My Eyes eue
in gratitude to all my teachers
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I Was In Love With Being In Love eue
learning to love myself
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One Red Rose eue
written on commission for the film 'Something For The Lamppost'
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Forgive Me eue
apologising for unmindful speech and action
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Let Courage Reign eue
in honour of brave women everywhere
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Plenty (More Than Enough) eue
in praise of mindful consumption
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Beauty Of You eue
for anyone who has ever longed for someone...
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Reverence Is The Nature Of My Love eue
heaven is here and now
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Lemonade w
when life gives you lemons...
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Love Will Never Leave eue
no coming, no going...
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These Little Things u
The Pret A Manger Song (402 St John Street, EC1)
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Happiness Is The Way
there is no way to happiness...
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Bear Medicine f
honouring the teachings of the great Grizzly Bear - Stop The Hunt!
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Colour Me In t
beyond black and white
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Senor Frijole a
on his neighbourhood charm campaign
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