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Monica Max West, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
Winner LSC Search For The Song * Runner Up Song Of The Year Contest * UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
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all song arranged and produced by Monica Max West
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(updated 10/01/17)

Every Day Is A Holiday eue
the gift of presence which allows me to slow down
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You release me, you undo me, you delight me with your laughter
You please me, you renew me, blow the cobwebs from my rafters
You seize me, you true me, you tease me, see through me
Now every day is a holiday with you

I love life, that's for sure: the mouse's whiskers and the lion's roar
And when there's stuff to do, I always do more (more, more, more, more!)
Sometimes I get a little bit tired, a little weak and a little bit wired
It's hard to stop, and I'm over the top - I'm wild eyed and crazy

Six am till ten at night; another juicy moment so I take a bite
I do my best to get it right (right, right, right, right!)
Sometimes I get a little bit wired, a little numb and a little bit tired
It's hard to stop, 'cuz I'm over the top - I can't seem to let go

You extend this invitation to breathe and sit a while
You invite me on vacation in fields of chamomile
And so, you prove salvation with your beautiful smile
Your beautiful smile, your beautiful smile, your beauty

My heart feels a little bit lighter, my smile shines a whole lot brighter
Don't wanna stop - I'm like a kid in a candy shop - since I met you ‘cause

I Won't Get Lost eue
promising to remain mindful
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Deadlines and meetings, late nights at the office
Phone calls, endless lists, the next report to write
Nappies and mealtimes, homework and school plays
Another pair of outgrown shoes, another outgrown bike

I look for the forest in these trees
This endless searching feels like a disease
What am I afraid of? I don't know...

A Kindle full of bloody words, the latest terror movie hit
CNN news feed checking on the mobile phone
Romance novels, fairy tales, pornography and Tinder
The high of lust obscures the fact that I am still alone
Coffee and a morning donut, alcohol and cigarettes
Another midnight grab-it-quick greasy takeaway
Facebook and Flickr, YouTube and Instagram
The hours spent browsing, clicking, Amazon, eBay

I won't get lost! I promise I am coming home
I won't get lost! The universe sings in my bones
I won't get lost! I'll close my eyes, take a deep breath in
I won't get lost! The peace I want is there, within

. All I see is love, love, love, love, love within

What am I afraid of? There's nothing to fear
What am I afraid of? I can be here!

Row This Boat With Me eue
looking for real partnership in life
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Cup Of Love e
the Pret A Manger song (Part Two) with a little innuendo...
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Rain eue
written in gratitude to Thich Nhat Hanh

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Back There eue
trying to leave the past behind

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We Are All Kin (With Each Step) eue
kissing my Mother
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I Close My Eyes eue
in gratitude to all my teachers
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I Was In Love With Being In Love eue
learning to love myself
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Life So Different eue
courage or cowardice?
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Forgive Me eue
apologising for unmindful speech and action
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Let Courage Reign eue
in honour of brave women everywhere
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Plenty (More Than Enough) eue
in praise of mindful consumption
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Beauty Of You eue
for anyone who has ever longed for someone...
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Reverence Is The Nature Of My Love eue
heaven is here and now
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Lemonade w
when life gives you lemons...
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Love Will Never Leave eue
no coming, no going...
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These Little Things u
The Pret A Manger Song (402 St John Street, EC1)
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Happiness Is The Way
there is no way to happiness...
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Oh Mr Winnicott eue
asking too much or too little
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