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Plum Village songs (recorded under my Dharma name)
and photographs

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featured songs

I Am Remembering

Way of the Heart

We Got All the Love

Every Little Cell

The Way of the Heart

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Plum Village song catalogue

This Is It!

Love Will Return

Song of Celebration

Oh Fill My Heart

Let It All Go


There Is True Love
Right Here

No Wait

Gonna Let Life Move Me



Mother Earth

At The Foot Of The Mountain

Take Your Time

Simple Things

Circle Song

Dear Friends

I Like The Roses

Here Is The Pure Land

Loving Kindness Song

Mbele Mama

We Are All The Leaves

How The Light Gets In

In Gratitude

I Have Arrived

No Coming, No Going

Two Promises

Island of Self

In, Out, Deep, Slow

Happiness Is Here & Now

In My Heart

We're All Moving

Silence Is An Ocean

Breathing In/Out

This Little Light of Mine

I Am A Cloud

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Plum Village
more photos in this collection

common brown lemur

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