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October 2019:

I am feeling increasingly uneasy about posting photos of wild animals. My love of these creatures is unsurpassed; my happiest days have been spent in lands far away while I have watched wild animals in their natural habitats. I have wept many times from the sheer joy of spending time with them.

What has changed for me is that I have woken up to the Climate Crisis that is happening now. As a non-car-owning vegan, I have always thought that my carbon footprint was relatively low. In any case, I reasoned, I often did carbon-offsetting for my flights.

But what I have come to realise is how very much damage travelling by airplane has done to the Earth. In wanting nothing more than to be with the animals I so love, I have caused untold damage to the Earth and have lessened the chance that any of us will survive.

While in some way these photos are still a source of enormous joy, gratitude and even pride for me, they are also reminders of the regret for what I have done. This summer, I made a commitment to only fly once a year; indeed, I may give up flying entirely. Many of the beautiful animals you see on this page - whom I hoped to see repeatedly in my remaining years on this planet - I may never see again in the wild (and I don’t visit zoos).

This is the cause of huge sadness for me.

I wish more than anything NOT to encourage anyone to fly to see wild animals (or for any other reason), and I worry that seeing these photos will encourage exactly that. So, if you can enjoy these photos of animals INSTEAD OF flying to see them, I will be very happy. If seeing these photos encourages you to do everything in your power to protect the Earth and her beautiful creatures, I will be very happy. If you spread the news that we only have about 18-24 months to radically change our lives to have any chance of keeping the Climate Crisis from tipping point, I will be very happy … and very grateful.

Thank you for reading this. We are all caught in a toxic system that is heading us towards disaster: more severe weather events, more droughts, more flooding, crop failures, etc. Already, two hundred species are going extinct every day. I do hope and pray that somehow, we will do something to avert total ecological catastrophe.

With blessings and love, Max

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